Castle Bijapur Ride (Over Night Stay)

Start Date : 2015-10-10
Last Registration Date : 2015-10-10
Single Member Price: 3000 Rs
Double Member Price: 6000 Rs

The Riders of ummadc_lrsm 6001 Club paid an overnight visit to castle Bijapur district Chittor on 10th October 2015. The 300 KM Ride started on 10th October 2015 from Gulab Baag gate where it was flagged off by CMHO, Udaipur. The ride was dedicated to world food day and the proceeds from the ride fee were used to offer meals to the visually handicapped students of Blind hostel, Udaipur. The riders rode to Bijapur through Mangalwad, Chittor route where they refreshed themselves at the pool side tea and snakes while other enjoyed a swim in pool. Later in the evening the riders enjoyed camp fire at the horse paddocks and pool side dinner. The following morning the riders rode back to Udaipur through Mawali where they enjoyed local brew of tea at a famous road side dhaba. The riders arrived at Gulab bag by 3:00 pm after completing ride off 46 hours and covering 300 KM.

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