Pindwara ride

Start Date : 2014-07-31
Last Registration Date : 2014-07-29
Single Member Price: 2000 Rs

Ride with 5 bikes and 5 riders

This Ride was carried out on 31 july 2014 from Udaipur to Pindwara and back.  Briefing was done about the route and halts by Mr. Anuvikram singh and safety aspects by Capt. Rishab Suri.   A Total of 5 Bikes and 5 Riders were a part of this ride. The Bikes took of at 0700 hours and reached Pindwara at 0930 hours, traveling a total of 102 kilometers.  The weather was sunny. The club members had their breakfast halt at  a local restaurant  at Pindwara.  The return journey started at 1030 hours and the bikers  reached back Udaipur at 1250 hours, completing a total of 210 kilometers for the day.  The debriefing was done after reaching back Udaipur.  

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